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Coaches and Managers

Team Managers

The guys and girls make sure their team is on time, the match card is filled out correctly, and that everything is above board. They work hard to make sure their team is up to code and ready to play.
Match Cards

At least five minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time of the match, each Team Manager should provide you with a match card. Both match cards should be signed by each manager to signify they have completed an id check of the opposition team.

Check the match card has been completed properly:

  • Team Managers have signed both match cards
  • Players who are to take part in the match are clearly identified. Either by marking shirt numbers against only those taking part or crossing out the names of those not taking part
  • There can be a maximum of 16 players from each side and a minimum of 7. Ensure that the match card meets this requirement
  • The match card should be clear and legible

Important: NSFA Match Card Procedure


Once the match has commenced no changes are to be made to the match card.

At the completion of the match, record the result on both match cards where indicated. Complete tick boxes. Complete your name, signature and FFA Id. In the space provided. If you have issued any cautions / send offs record the player details (Initial, Surname, FFA Id) for use in completing the Caution / Send Off Reports. Give both match cards to the winning team manager, or in the case of a draw to the home team (first named on the match card) manager.

If a manager chooses to email a match card to the NSFA office, email to [email protected] An emailed match card must be a pdf file and must comply with the following naming protocol:
Division Grade Date (2014MMDD) Home Team v Away Team (team you are submitting on behalf of in capitals). For example “MAA4 Res 20130721 Northbridge v LANE COVE